GSM Modem Free SMS Android App

GSM Modem Free SMS Android App

This GSM Modem Free SMS Android App is designed for students and newbie programmers who want free SMS functionality in their projects. There are many SMS gateways available to use in your projects but the problem is that those SMS gateways are not free to use.

Due to the expensive SMS gateway service, I decided to develop my own GSM Modem Free SMS Android App for sending or receiving SMS functionality in my project. I am writing here a simple guide for GSM Modem Free SMS Android App.

App functionality

This android application has two interesting functionalities.

  1. Sending SMS (from your project using android app)
  2. Receiving SMS (in your project using android app)


Before getting started you would need following required entities.

  • Android Mobile Phone (Version 4.1 and up)
  • GSM Helper Tool must be installed in your device, You may find here Link
  • Local Area network over WIFI (for both Computer and Mobile Phone)
  • Free SMS package in your android mobile phone

Download Android App

I would like to recommend to download through following image link to the android application on play store.

GSM Modem Free SMS Android App
GSM Modem android app

If you are not easy with above link you may download GSM modem (SMS) application through following QR code

GSM Modem QR code
GSM Modem QR code

Download Paid Application

If you want to use this application for commercial use or want an advertisement free application then you can download it from the following LINK

Paid Application Features

  • Single app with all functionalities. (No required Helper Tool)
  • No Ads (No advertisements)
  • Http POST method instead of Http GET method
  • Layout modification
  • Server Side: Access-Control-Allow-Origin

App execution guide

We will go through each android app activity with their functionality and property usage

Main Activity

When you run an application first time server is stopped; Start server by pressing red rectangle button.

  • Status: Stopped (It shows that Server sending functionality is switch off)
  • Server Address: (This is the service URL, which is used for sending SMS)
  • Red Circle Button: By pressing this button it will be green (which mean service started for sending SMS)
  • Settings Button: Jump to setting activity (Where you can set custom port number or URL for receiving SMS)
  • Users Button:  Jump to user management activity (Where you can add new users or update existing users)
  • JSON Samples: Jump to json samples activity (Where you can find some of the JSON samples)
GSM Modem Free SMS Android App - Main Activity Server Stopped
Main Activity Server Stopped
GSM Modem Free SMS Android App - Main Activity Server Started
Main Activity Server Started

Settings Activity

When click settings button on main activity, you would have following settings activity in front you. let’s describe each of field in this activity.

  • Port Number: 8093 (It is a 4 digit numerical value which is used for sending SMS only).
  • GET SMS at URL (i): http://customUrl (This url is used for sending SMS to your programming language. It is a GET method url with two parameters)
  • GET SMS at URL (ii): Switch button (If switch button is on then android app will push SMS to given URL)
  • Outgoing No of SMS per minutes: Switch button  (If switch button is on then it will check limits of SMS per minutes – Most of the countries have policy on sending number of SMS and minutes). In Pakistan there is policy by PTA not to send more than 200 SMS within 15 minutes. If you break this policy rule then PTA will block your SIM card number.
  • Number of SMS: 55 (You may define your number SMS as per number of minutes)
  • Number of Minutes: 6 (You may define your number Minutes according to number of SMS)
  • Save / Cancel: You may save the changes or cancel the changes.
GSM Modem Free SMS Android App - Settings Activity
Settings Activity
GSM Modem Free SMS Android App - Settings Activity - Service Started
Settings Activity – Service Started

Users Activity

Before request for sending SMS, you must have to add a user for authentication by pressing floating button.

GSM Modem Free SMS Android App - List of Users for authentication
List of Users for authentication

Add popup form will be appeared to fill required fields.

  • Username: You must have to add user name (required).
  • Password: You must have to add password (required).
  • Enable Switch: You may enable user (It must be enabled user if you are using in URL for authentication)
GSM Modem Free SMS Android App - Add New User
Add New User

If you long press down on particular user record then It will show update popup form for update existing your in the list.

  • Update: Update existing record.
  • Delete: Delete existing record.
GSM Modem Free SMS Android App - Update Existing User
Update Existing User

JSON Samples

URL for sending SMS: your device URL for sending SMS

URL to post SMS: Custom URL of your project where you want to receive SMS.

You must consider following points before start developing code receiving SMS in any programming language.

  • Method: GET
  • Parameters
    • name: phoneNumber- type: String 
    • name: message- type: String
GSM Modem Free SMS Android App - JSON Samples
JSON Samples

I have try to explain all points in this post. If do you have any query please comment below so that I may reply you on the time.

You will find SMS related videos in different language on following Link


    1. I like the call idea even if it just enables speakerphone so I could hook it to a soundcard. A sip server would be the best but a lot of work I assume.

  1. the GET SMS at URL can we put the path to the receive sms in the URL because in the JSON SAMPLES in the URL to post SMS part it says N/A in my app like localhost/scouts/receivesms.php like that or im wrong?

  2. Hello,
    Great app.
    You states “GET SMS at URL (i): http://customUrl (This url is used for sending SMS to your programming language. It is a GET method url with two parameters)” Are you willing either to add a third parameter “to” or make your project open source so that may students may do the same?

    1. Great tool please make code open so users can add updates are you on I love the idea I was going to do this with arduino and a gsm shield. I just feel more comfortable having the house code out there so I know it’s not going to add a back door or something, please take no offence, just such a useful tool should be open or perhaps I could write one from scratch but why reinvent the wheel. Anyway cool app nice job and plz post code if u can.

  3. It’s the program I’m looking for. An error: Does not work in the background, needs to be with program open to work. Android 7.1.2.

  4. I’m having a problem. When I run the first program in your youtube video that is for sending SMS to your phone, the following is printed out:

    {“phone”:”xxxxxxxxxx”,”message”:”Message has been sent”,”guideLink”:”http:\/\/\/blog\/gsm-modem-free-sms-android-app\/”,”status”:”200″}

    And my phone receives nothing. (I changed my phone number in here to x’s).

    Also, what should my number be? Should I put the area code in the phone number? Thank you!

  5. I am getting this error but i have the app installed?

    {“message”:”GSM helper tool app is not installed in your device, please visit link for guide!”,”guideLink”:”http:\/\/\/blog\/gsm-modem-free-sms-android-app\/”,”status”:”404″}

  6. Hi. I’m trying to send SMS from Chile, but the recipient has not received it yet… Why?

    Thanks and Regards

  7. We get “GSM helper tool app is not installed in your device” while it is installed.

    It does not seem to work.

    Can you help?

  8. Hlw it looks like this is a great thing for me and I test it a bit but not Working, can you help me if I am doing something wrong?

    I have installed helper and modem

    Setup user

    So when I visit “http://DeviceIP:port/SendSMS?username=abcd&password=1234&phone=111111111&message=hello+test” (replaced with correct data)

    Then stutes showing 200 and massage is sent, but actually massage not received to my provided no.whats wrong here?

  9. Hi:
    I am trying to install GSM-Helper-tool, but I got an error message: There was a problem in the app while trying to analyze it. (The error message was in spanish).
    GSM Modem was installed with no problem.
    I checked the option Unknown sources in the security menu.
    Android version: 4.4.4
    Samsung Duos

  10. Hello
    How to set this in online, that is how can I use that API in any point of the world?
    Not local area connection

  11. Hi. Is there a way to add sent SMS to the default SMS messenger of device? Sending SMS are not shown on the default device SMS history, but status only :
    “phone”:”xxxxxxxxxxxx”,”message”:”Message has been sent”,”status”:”200″
    Thank you!

    1. If message is being sent to the network then definitely you will find that sent message in default messenger of device. It must be installed gsm helper tool with SMS permissions. If do you have still confusion feel free to ask any query here

  12. Hi. Of course, gsm helper tool is installed and SMS permissions enabled, otherwise SMS are not sent to another phone. Sending still working, but SMS not seen as sent message of device.
    Thank you!

  13. Hi.
    This was on Huawei P9 Lite -Android 7, now I used it on Xiomi Redmi Note 7 – Android 9, I have a status of 200, but the SMS was not sent and was not added to the sent SMS on the device. All permissions set for gsm helper tool are SMS permissions enabled. Both phones were set to factory default, only gsm helper tool and GSM modem installed, and SMS messenger was double checked.

    1. Have you tested in browser url ? Please check that Server is started and phone number format is correct before sending sms. Can you please put response here so that we could figure out the problem

  14. {“phone”:”My number”,”message”:”Message has been sent”,”guideLink”:”http:\/\/\/blog\/gsm-modem-free-sms-android-app\/”,”status”:”200″}

    But the message is not seen in my device. Please help

    1. It is really strange that sms are not being saved in sent box. in all other devices we can see the sent messages.

  15. Hi I did everything following the letter but does not send the SMS I receive the string with the send 200 but I don’t receive any message (in addition I can’t find it in the messages sent) I am using a s9 I have checked all the settings several times and I am sure they are all correct, any advice? (I have already verified that the tool is authorized for SMS and it is) thanks

    1. Ok no problem, You must install Helper Tool App and give SMS permissions to it. Another thing is to give phone number as you use local phone number to send SMS. Phone Number format also matters.

  16. thanks friend I have already installed and configured everything you need including the tools taken on Github but nothing I have formatted the phone number in different ways with national prefix and without but it doesn’t work anyway, other ideas?

  17. {“MINUTES_COUNT”:”0″,”phone”:”xxxxxxxxxx”,”SMS_COUNT”:”1″,”message”:”Message has been sent”,”status”:”200″}

    No show my number for privacy and not show SMS into SMS default app Android

    1. All is fine in GSM modem Application, now please check SMS permission of GSM modem helper tool. Helper tool must have SMS permissions.

  18. I also tried with an older phone (j7) the same result, maybe the only thing that works is advertising on the app

    1. Actually there is problem at your side, cellular network problem or something else. You may check the reviews on app. It is working great in many people’s projects. I am replying you because it seems that all your configuration is fine but why SMS is not been sent. Really shocked on this. We can have Skype call to resolve your problem I can do this favour for you. Sending you Private email.

  19. Hello yes it was not a criticism but an observation of what it does in my configuration, but I can assure you that I have no network problem otherwise I would not receive the message 200 SEND by phone means that the GET and POST work, so the problem is it on one of the two apps, maybe the problem is the latest version of android? have you tried it? Skype I don’t think we can bad my English. If you want to write me by email. Thank you

    1. Now I need to show logs in helper tool that it received SMS or not. What about message receiving functionality is it working or not?

    2. Hi, I have made the changes in Helper tool. It was not working due to Broad Cast Receivers, In latest android versions there is change accordingly. Please find latest commit on github and pre-built on following link

  20. Hi.
    The app works on Samsung J3 – Android 5.1.1.
    The app does not work on Huawei P9 Lite – Android 7, SMS has not been added to sent SMS.
    The app does not work on Xiomi Redmi Note 7 – Android 9, I have a status of 200, but the SMS has not been sent and has not been added to send SMS to the device.
    Thank you

    1. Ok I will test on latest Android versions. Then come with solution till now you may use on Android 5.xx below versions

  21. Showing this error
    {“message”:”GSM helper tool app is not installed in your device, please visit link for guide!”,”status”:”404″,”guideLink”:”http:\/\/\/blog\/gsm-modem-free-sms-android-app\/”}

    1. If i could explain, there are varius type of sms message you can send:

      -Simple SMS
      -Class 0 SMS or FLASH SMS
      -Type 0 SMS or SILENT SMS

      my question is if there is an option for sent class 0 and type 0 sms messages or if there will be an option in the future.

      Ty for the reply Muhammad

  22. to what phone number should i send my message to (in cellphone) so that it will show the message in the php/sql??

    1. Your cell number is used for both sending or receiving SMS For example your mobile phone will be responsible to send SMS to PHP or receive SMS from PHP. Now It depends upon you how to implement your logic. This app will give you JSON request/response

  23. Hi
    I have problems receiving sms (sending works).
    I entered the url and the json sample shows them (
    if i copy the url from the settings page into a browser i can access the site.
    I also have the status icon and on my lockscreen it says “SMS receiver Service” and then “SMS received by +xxxxxxx and posted to” but i cant read any further and when i have the device active i can see a “toast” saying an “error occured”.
    The error and access logs of my webserver dont give me any clue and i have no idea where on android i could look for this log – where could i check which error occurs ?

    1. Actually you must test above URL in your mobile device browser. Does it work there? Yes give it the parameters as well for testing. Check that values are being saved or not

  24. Tried to use this app. It is good. I was able to send messages to multiple recipients using loop but only in localhost. The problem is the GSM Helper Tool, unfortunately, stopped when I send more than 60 characters. Is there any way to allow us to send more than that? 160-1600 chars maybe? I have searched that messages not using GSM-7 encoding are limited to 67 characters. Anyway, thank you for developing this kind of free application!

  25. Hi. Great tool, thank you! Sending SMS works great. BUT like others commented there is no history in the messages app. Using app-debug-above-26.apk Helper. Android version 7.1.1. Are you able to help please?

  26. I am getting this error but i have the app installed?

    {“message”:”GSM helper tool app is not installed in your device, please visit link for guide!”,”guideLink”:”https:\/\/\/blog\/gsm-modem-free-sms-android-app\/”,”status”:”404″}

    In android phone i ry to installed gsm tool i dont find it can u please help me

  27. Hello, thank you for very good software….
    everithing works OK, but i am receiving message “Error Ocured!” when I enable receiving sms. In database is everithing OK. I have following setup :
    URL for sending sms : sms……..
    URL to post sms
    Is there any logiging or any Idea? When I try to view receivesms from phone even from PC, everythig is OK

    1. Hi, I have the same problem with php, my url reads the two get and if I send the parameters by url I insert them well in the base, but I don’t get that when receiving sms it does, a dice error occurred… did you get the solution?

  28. Hi,
    I use your code and I had this curl_reponse error :


    message=Test SMS


    curl=Resource id #1

    curl_reponse false=

    curl_reponse true=1


    curl_error=Failed to connect to Network is unreachable


  29. Hi, First of all thanks for your efforts
    I am facing issue whenever i try to send sms in Urdu in result helper tool automatic close from my cellphone and sms didn’t sent .

  30. where i can download Please install helper tool application in your device too.

    i have this message too

    Showing this error
    {“message”:”GSM helper tool app is not installed in your device, please visit link for guide!”,”status”:”404″,”guideLink”:”https:\/\/\/blog\/gsm-modem-free-sms-android-app\/”}

  31. Hi.

    This works perfectly in our environment.
    BUT… I have not found out where to set the Phone Number the SMS is sent from?
    Or if there is a place to set it.
    As of now the senders number is showing as 580002128572.
    Where does this number come from?

    What would be ideal is if we could change the senders phone number programmatically.

  32. I did install successfully your applications “SMS Modem” + “GSM Helper Tool”.
    Unfortunately, after few hours, the web server is not responding any more.
    After restarting the 2 applications, it’s working again…but for few hours only again.
    I am using 2 x Samsung J330FD Galaxy J3 (2017) and this issue is the same on both smartphone.
    The installed version of Android is 9.0

    Can you help me?

  33. Hello sir… we want send device trow send sms android app then app send data mysql server with filter or without filter … how it possible…

  34. everything done step by step mobile gsm mordm is on still getting this message why please help

    {“message”:”GSM helper tool app is not installed in your device, please visit link for guide!”,”guideLink”:”http:\/\/\/blog\/gsm-modem-free-sms-android-app\/”,”status”:”404″}

    1. this got solve after installing Gsm helper tool app but message not receive yet what to do i got this message i have removed my no from that.. please help.

      {“MINUTES_COUNT”:”3″,”phone”:””,”SMS_COUNT”:”2″,”message”:”Message has been sent”,”guideLink”:”http:\/\/\/blog\/gsm-modem-free-sms-android-app\/”,”status”:”200″}

  35. Hi

    {“message”:”GSM helper tool app is not installed in your device, please visit link for guide!”,”guideLink”:”http:\/\/\/blog\/gsm-modem-free-sms-android-app\/”,”status”:”404″}

  36. I have successfully installed your application along with its tool but my Android is not sending the messages and when I check in default messages app, I see my message (that I has sent through your URL) but default messages app is showing “Not sent. Tap to try again”.

  37. I have an issue i am form mexico and even if i put areacode+celphone or only celphone it keeps saying this “{“message”:”phone number is required!”,”status”:”422″}”

  38. Excellent App, working fine. Is this possible that GMS Helper Tools and GMS modem, both codes are combined and become a single App?

  39. Nice App Working smoothly with C# WinformApplication but a little issue ………….after sending some messages a message displayed on mobile screen like as
    “GSM HELPER TOOL is sending large amount of messages whould you like to proceed ” and something like this and then we have to allow to proceed further otherwise it will hold sms. I do not Know any body else has seen this or not. please give suggestions. Thanks

  40. hello, am check, i have done all the step and sent message

    {“phone”:” 237679xxxxx”,”MINUTES_COUNT”:”108″,”SMS_COUNT”:”34″,”status”:”200″,”message”:”Message has been sent”}

    but i have not receive the message to my phone number i sent to, i have install GSM helper for android 7

    URL to Post SMS:
    please check why am not getting the sms after i have granted permission on my device,


  41. Aslam U Alaikum.

    When i send large number of sms , my phone repeadly asking me “This app is sending large number of messaged . Do you allow ” how can i give permanent permission to the app to send large number of messages.

  42. Everything works perfectly
    Quick question, my phone has 2 SIM cards. Is it possible to specify somewhere (in the URL or in the application) which SIM is used to send the SMS?

  43. Hi, the app works for us in 2 devices running at the same time, but after some time it responds 200 OK, but the SMS was no actually sent. Also it does not copy the SMS to the default messaging app we have tested with 3 different companies, our devices are rooted and running android 5.1.1, thanks for your time.

  44. Hello, thanks for your ap. Everything working, but sometimes, response is OK {“phone”:””,”message”:”Message has been sent”,”status”:”200″}, but i Would like to set confirm delivery option. Is is possible?
    Kind regards V

  45. And also, when I send message, I get “error occured”, but evething is delivered OK, Thanks a lot. Kind regards

  46. I have install modem app and helper tools it working on english text on my software but when i change the option to urdu text it cnt send msg please help

  47. Hello Sir,

    I have installed Your GSM Modem + GSM Helper tool .
    Not getting any error on browser . But message is not going to Receiver.
    I tried to check problem.
    I find that when i send msg via browser in html language ….gsm helper tool crashes .
    I also tried test button then still crash.
    I am using one plus 3 mobile with android 9

    1. No It will not work on mobile data, you need to connect your computer hotspot then try. It will show IP address on the ip. use that ip in your computer.

  48. Hi, thank you for your awesome software. Can you specify the Androids versions where works OK. I use it in 7.1 it works correctly, I suppose, that 8.0 is also OK, but what about 8.1, 9.0 or 10. Or if phone must be rooted. Thank you for your time.

  49. Hi, I am using Redmi 7A, in this device also, everything seems to be fine, but the messages are not getting delivered to the given number and also now shown in the message app of the phone. I have installed the latest version of GSM HELPER TOOL and it is tested, working fine.

    What could be the issue, please help.

  50. Hi the application is working in localhost but when i uploaded it on godaddy i got error invalid url code.
    at the same time if i change the http -> https in localhost i also got invalid url error

  51. Hello, I already have it working and let me congratulate you it is an excellent job, on the other hand I have a question. Is it possible that the local address or messages can be obtained from a network server?

  52. Your application is top-notch and very unique! After I realized that the sending of messages to custom URL was a GET and not a POST, everything worked fine!

    I would be happy to re-write this tutorial for more clarity.

    Would you sell a paid professional version that will do POST / remove ads?

    1. Hi James,

      Have you written an in depth (well constructed) tutorial on this?
      Please do let me know.

      Thank you Muhammad for this. I am using this now so I will comment back if I come across anything.

  53. Is this tool work for USA numbers ? I was trying to send SMS from my java code, {“message”:”phone number is required!”,”status”:”422″}

  54. Hello Muhammad ,

    I am wondering if it is possible for you to add a few features to a special version of this app? I am willing to pay you for your work. One of the features I would like is for the app to automatically start the app when it is launched. This way I can add it to an auto start app and a reboot app so that the app can be restarted automatically after several hours as it seem the app stops working and needs to be restarted after several hours. Maybe you have a fix for this.

    Thank you.

  55. Hi. Great app!!
    How about licensing? Can we see the source code? May we use for personal/commercial purposes?
    Thks in advance

  56. Hi there!

    First of all, thank you for this app. Just came across it and had a while to figure it out. I did manage to get the messages to send however is it possible to view/import my inbox from the phone to my db? the example you have there is from the URL input only.

    Please let me know thank you

    1. Still It does not have this feature yet. but sooner I will add this.. due to privacy policy of google play, I had many restrictions. so most of time I sell my app with features on my website.

  57. HI ,
    I am getting GSM helper tool app is not installed in your device, please visit link for guide! error
    could you help me on this error

  58. Dear Sir I have been posting sms successfully from My Ms Access Database
    but i want to send bulk sms,
    for that i have tried many ways such as listbox
    and also typed in
    myURL = “” & Me.txtPhone & “&message=” & Me.txtSMS & “”
    above link end one sms, when i type like phone numbers in url phone=031*******,03000***** sends only single sms
    what method should i use? in ms access or

  59. I got this error I already installed the GSM Modem and helper tool but the same error

    array ( ‘url’ => ‘’, ‘content_type’ => NULL, ‘http_code’ => 0, ‘header_size’ => 0, ‘request_size’ => 0, ‘filetime’ => -1, ‘ssl_verify_result’ => 0, ‘redirect_count’ => 0, ‘total_time’ => 0.008999000000000000054622972811557701788842678070068359375, ‘namelookup_time’ => 6.2000000000000002700097090357900242452160455286502838134765625E-5, ‘connect_time’ => 0.0, ‘pretransfer_time’ => 0.0, ‘size_upload’ => 0.0, ‘size_download’ => 0.0, ‘speed_download’ => 0.0, ‘speed_upload’ => 0.0, ‘download_content_length’ => -1.0, ‘upload_content_length’ => -1.0, ‘starttransfer_time’ => 0.0, ‘redirect_time’ => 0.0, ‘redirect_url’ => ”, ‘primary_ip’ => ”, ‘certinfo’ => array ( ), ‘primary_port’ => 0, ‘local_ip’ => ”, ‘local_port’ => 0, ‘http_version’ => 0, ‘protocol’ => 0, ‘ssl_verifyresult’ => 0, ‘scheme’ => ”, ‘appconnect_time_us’ => 0, ‘connect_time_us’ => 0, ‘namelookup_time_us’ => 62, ‘pretransfer_time_us’ => 0, ‘redirect_time_us’ => 0, ‘starttransfer_time_us’ => 0, ‘total_time_us’ => 8999, )Error occurred

  60. Hi sadiq, your app is working fine for me,one thing i have question in mind that how can i change sender name like i wanna make my name appeared on recipient different, just like business notification. or is there a feature on your app like that? Thank you!

  61. I didn’t receive the message even though my GSM modem is well function and I have already the GSM helper tool apk. in my device

    when I test it to my own phone my website say “message sent” but the truth i didn’t receive the message in my phone any idea why it didn’t work?

  62. hi! sadiq, your app is working fine, but when somebody calls the application hangs and the message will not be send to the receiver. Is there a way that your application will not hang and is there a way you can check whether the message has not been sent after you send the message. my phone is Huawei. Does it support this phone. I already try this for a couple of months and i found out that even in multiple numbers. there is a time sms in not sent. like when you sent 100 sms, some of sms like20 or more is not sent. Thank you.

    1. as I reply most of the time that helper tool becomes inactive in the background. due to the latest version of android. Yes, there is a functionality where you can set a limit of the messages within the given time, this is because every country has there rules according to sending multiple SMS.

  63. installed the apk, gave sms permission, get status 200 ok, running android 9, but no message is sent or received at the other end…. saw others having the same issue but didn’t get a straight answer on whats wrong.

  64. Hi first of all this app is awesome! I used PHP curl to send message to the API with custom message generated in the PHP side of the system. However I cannot retrieve the json message after the text was sent to confirm if it has been successfully sent the message. How do I retrieve the success message as json format in my php code? Thank you!

  65. Hi, This app is working. from sending text message to forwarding received text. this app is very good. What I would like to ask is, is there a way that I can use HTTPS on this?

  66. Good day, the application is good and working as expected the problem is it is unstable. sometimes it stops. what could be the reason behind it and how to prevent it from stoping? could it be because of the android device itself? thank you!

  67. I’m connected to my computer using hotspot WiFi connection but it showing
    “Unable to connect Network!”
    When I click on OFF red circled button.

  68. I’m connected to my computer using hotspot WiFi connection but it showing
    “Unable to connect Network!”
    When I click on OFF red circled button.

    And in server address that showing

  69. Hi. Just downloaded and started the app. It works as stated, very good. Really appreciate your work on creating this.
    While testing the sending part to a 3 digit number (142), I get the following error:
    phone number inappropriate length!, status:422.
    How can I fix this?
    Also do I install mysql on phone to be able to get over messages?

    1. Actually most of time number can be 10 digits or more.. you are trying to send msg on custom 3 digit number. there is validation of sending number.
      If you want these functionality then you go for pro version of app.

  70. In your paid version does the “Receive SMS” stay on when the app is loaded or would I have to go a turn it on each time?

  71. Hi, I have read the comments and replies above. Thanks for the product, it works great, but not consistently. I have used the web browser and also used postman. The GSM product (both) are installed on Samsung galaxy.

    1) Using web browser I used as follows:
    The message gets sent to the phone number based on the reply with 200 status. The message does show up in my messenger showing as if it was sent, but the recipient does not get it all the time. Not sure why? Also if the message has spaces in between it does not send at all? Do I need to have it in single quote? or is there a limit on number of characters to send?

    2) Using POSTMAN, same as above. I think when the message has blanks in between, it send only up to the first non blank character. Again the recipient does not receive all the time?

    This question was asked prior by some, but have not seen a resolution as to what to do. If some one can assist with this will be greatly appreciated.

  72. {
    “message”: “GSM helper tool app is not installed in your device, please visit link for guide!”,
    “guideLink”: “”,
    “status”: “404”

    Iam getting this error.

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