Top 5 Facebook Tricks 2016

Top 5 Facebook Tricks 2016

Here comes amazing post of the year, This is all about Top 5 Facebook Tricks 2016. Following are the tricks you had never been aware of.

  1.  Edit Anything: 
    • Now you can edit anything on facebook by following these two simple steps:
      • Login your account and type following URL in address bar:
      • document.body.contentEditable=’true’;document.designMode=’on’;void 0 and please type “javascript:” in the beginning manually after pasting above URL in address bar and hit “Enter.
      • Select anything and change it.
  2. Upside Down Text:
    • Goto website and write anything and copy text from second box and post it to facebook and have fun with your friends.
  3. Save Browser
    • This trick helps you in saving your account from hackers, when anyone tries to log in your account, you’ll be notified. Follow the steps:
      • Go to Settings -> Security (on left-side) and edit login alerts  and then click Get Notifications and press save changes. (Done)
  4. Randos at:
    • Through this trick you can know the employees working Facebook, Google, Microsoft and any company. Just follow simple one step:
      • Go to Facebook Search and type “Randos at Facebook” and press Enter .
  5. Upside Down English:
    • This trick lets you allow to change facebook text to upside down. follow these steps:
      • Go to Facebook Settings -> Language (on left-side) -> Edit language and click drop down then select English (Upside down) and press Save Changes.

Hope you enjoyed this post, So what was your favorite trick, share here.

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