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Fasting MCQs
Islamic Studies MCQs

Islamic Studies MCQs - Fasting MCQs

Fasting MCQs page contains information about Fasting in Month of Ramadan, History of Ramadan, Function of Fasting. Types of Fasts.

1. Fast (Saum) in the month of Ramazan was made obligatory in the -------- A.H.

A. 2

B. 3

C. 4

D. 5

Answer: A

2. _______ is the door for the fast observing people.

A. Bab us Salah

B. Bab ul Jihad

C. Bab ul Haqq

D. Bab ur Rayyan

Answer: D

3. The pre-requisite of fasting is______.

A. Self-discipline

B. Self-control

C. Self-motivation

D. Self-determination

Answer: B

4. Fasting was made obligatory in ______.

A. 7th Shaban, 2 A.H

B. 8th Shaban, 2 A.H

C. 9th Shaban, 2 A.H

D. 10th Shaban, 2 A.H

Answer: D

5. ______ is the atonement for breaking the fast.

A. To Feed 50 people

B. To Feed 60 people

C. To Feed 70 people

D. To Feed 80 people

Answer: B

6. Fasting demands total abstinence from ______.

A. Eating

B. Drinking

C. sex

D. All of these

Answer: D

7. The function of fasting is ______.

A. To Make the Sacrifice of Body and Soul

B. To Provide Comfort to the Society

C. To Help the poor

D. To create peace in the Society

Answer: A

8. Fasting is between Rozadar and ______.

A. Prophet

B. Angels

C. Jinns

D. Allah

Answer: D

9. The kaffarah for breaking fast is to keep ______ fast for continuous days.

A. 20

B. 25

C. 30

D. 35

Answer: C

10. If a person misses a fast due to any compulsion, he will have to pay/keep ______.

A. Fast

B. Kaffara

C. Astaghfar

D. Qaza

Answer: B