Islamic Studies MCQs
Muhammad MCQs
Islamic Studies MCQs

Islamic Studies MCQs - Muhammad MCQs

In Islamic Studies there are lots of Information regards last Holy Prophet Muhammadﷺ so we will get to know about him and his life.

1. Who is the founder of Islam?

A. Hazrat Muhammadﷺ

B. Hazrat Ibrahim (AS)

C. Hazrat Essa (AS)

D. Hazrat Moosa (AS)

Answer: A

2. How many sons does Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had ?

A. 5

B. 2

C. 6

D. 3

Answer: D

3. How many daughters does Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had?

A. 5

B. 4

C. 3

D. 2

Answer: B

4. Name the wife of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who was daughter of Hazrat Omar Farooq (R.A)?

A. Hazrat Aisha (R.A)

B. Hazrat Hafsah (R.A)

C. Hazrat Maimoonah (R.A)

D. Hazrat Juwairyyah (R.A)

Answer: B

5. At the age of __________ Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) married Hazrat Bibi Khadija (R.A) ?

A. 20 years

B. 23 years

C. 25 years

D. 30 years

Answer: C

6. The relation between Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Abu Bakr Siddique (R.A) was?

A. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was father-in-law of Abu Bakr Siddique (R.A)

B. Abu Bakr Siddique (R.A) was father-in-law of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

C. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was brother-in-law of Abu Bakr Siddique (R.A)

D. Abu Bakr Siddique (R.A) was brother-in-law of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Answer: B

7. First migration of the Companions and relatives of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was to?

A. Madina

B. Abyssinia (Ethiopia)

C. Makkah

D. Baghdad

Answer: B

8. Hazrat Bibi Khadija (R.A) passed away at the age of ______ ?

A. 70

B. 65

C. 60

D. 55

Answer: B

9. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was ________ years old When Hazrat Bibi Khadija (RA) passed away?

A. 65

B. 60

C. 55

D. 50

Answer: D

10. Hazrat Bibi Khadija (R.A) bore all the children of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) except?

A. Ibrahim (R.A)

B. Abdullah (R.A)

C. Hazrat Fatima (R.A)

D. Hazrat Ruqaiyah (R.A)

Answer: A