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Islamic Studies MCQs

Islamic Studies MCQs - Zakat MCQs

Zakat MCQs page consists information about Zakat distribution, Zakat obligatory date, Zakat one of fundamental in Islam, Types of Zakat. Number of people in zakat.

1. The rate and method of distribution of Zakat was determined at Madina in?

A. 1 A.H

B. 2 A.H

C. 3 A.H

D. 5 A.H

Answer: B

2. If a person has _________ gold Zakat is payable.

A. 6 1/2 tolas

B. 7 1/2 tolas

C. 8 1/2 tolas

D. 9 1/2 tolas

Answer: B

3. For payment of Zakat on silver the determined amount is?

A. 52 1/2 tolas

B. 51 1/2 tolas

C. 50 1/2 tolas

D. 40 1/2 tolas

Answer: A

4. Injunction of utilization of Zakat is in _________.

A. Surah Kafirun

B. Surah Ahzaab

C. Surah-al Tauba

D. Surah Baqra

Answer: C

5. Number of heads for distribution of Zakat is ______.

A. 7

B. 9

C. 10

D. 8

Answer: D

6. Zakat was made obligatory for the Muslims in ___________.

A. 1 A.H

B. 2 A.H

C. 3 A.H

D. 4 A.H

Answer: B

7. Amount of Zakat cannot be used in _________.

A. Madrassah

B. Mosque

C. Hospital

D. All of these

Answer: B

8. The effective Zakat System can ensure the elimination of?

A. Poverty

B. Interest

C. Class Distinction

D. Ignorance

Answer: A

9. The literal meaning of Zakat is ______.

A. Adultration

B. Purification

C. Spending

D. Saving

Answer: B

10. Zakat was made obligatory in _____.

A. 1 AH

B. 2 AH

C. 3 AH

D. 4 AH

Answer: B