Mock Test for OGDCL National Talent Hunt Program (NTHP) 2019 IBA

What is a mock test?

A mock test is similar, or practice test designed for giving an idea about the actual OGDCL National Talent Hunt Program (NTHP) 2019 test.
This test is designed by students of Sukkur IBA University on their experiences in previous
test that what type of questions of there will be. You can all also asses you by doing this
test as you can test your preparations as how much you are prepared for actual test

Rules for Taking NTHP Test

The design pattern is same as IBA conduct test, so you have only 100 minutes to
solve this test.

  1. The design pattern is same as IBA conduct test, so you have only 100 minutes to solve this test.
  2. Test is MCQs Type, so send us options written only, don’t send us solved answers.
  3. You can write answers on a page while taking test and then you can send us picture of taken test on our email id.
  4. Send us your answers by email on
  5. Be honest while doing test, don’t cheat.
  6. Answer Key will be uploaded in “NTHP Sukkur IBA University” Facebook group before 09:00 pm.


  1. Subhan Ali Mangi (BS Computer Science 6th Semester)
    1. Subhan hails from Nawabshah and currently studying at Sukkur IBA on OGDCL NTHP Scholarship, he passed NTHP in 2017.
  2. Abdul Jabbar Shah (BS Computer Science 3rd Semester)
    1. Jabbar is from Peer Jo Goth, he passed STHP in 2018 and currently studying in Sukkur IBA University Khairpur Campus
  3. Uzair Ahmed Soomro (BBA 6th Semester)
    1. Uzair belongs to Shikarpur and NTHP 2017 Scholar
  4. Saima Batool (BS Accounting & Finance 4th Semester)
    1. She hails from Quetta, Balochistan and a NTHP 2018 Scholar
  5. Uzma Inam (B. Ed 3rd Semester)
    1. She is a STHP 2018 cleared student and belongs to Kashmore, Sindh.
  6. Bharat Lal (BS Accounting & Finance 1st Semester)
    1. Bharat has recently passed STHP in 2019 and is from Tharparkar
  7. Bharat Kumar (BS Accounting and Finance 4th Semester)
    1. IBA Karachi and IBA Sukkur NTHP test passed, currently studying in 4th semester at Sukkur IBA University on NTHP 2018.
  8. Muhammad Abdullah Hanif (BS Computer Science 4th Semester)
    1. M. Abdullah has cleared NTHP in 2018 and currently studying in 4th semester of CS department
  9. Rawal Kumar (BS Accounting Finance 3rd Semester)
    1. Rawal cleared NTHP in 2018 and he hails from Tharparkar


Directions: Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow.

You know that you’re doing something big when your company name becomes a verb.
Ask Xerox. In 1959 they created the first plain paper copy machine. It was one of the
most successful products ever. The company name Xerox grew into a verb that means “to
copy,” as in “Bob, can you Xerox this for me?” Around 50 years later, the same thing
happened to Google. Their company name grew into a verb that means “to do an internet
search.” Now everyone and their grandma knows what it means to Google it.

Unlike Xerox, Google wasn’t the first company to invent their product, not by a long
shot. Lycos released their search engine in 1993. Yahoo! came out in 1994. AltaVista
began serving results in 1995. Google did not come out until years later, in 1998. Though
a few years difference may not seem like much, this is a major head start in the fast
moving world of tech. So how did Google do it? How did they overtake their
competitors who had such huge leads in time and money? Maybe one good idea made all
the difference.

There are millions and millions of sites on the internet. How does a search engine know
which ones are relevant to your search? This is a question that great minds have been
working on for decades. To understand how Google changed the game, you need to
know how search engines worked in 1998. Back then most websites looked at the words
in your query. They counted how many times those words appeared on each page. Then
they might return pages where the words in your query appeared the most. This system
did not work well and people often had to click through pages and pages of results to find
what they wanted.

Google was the first search engine that began considering links. Links are those blue
underlined words that take you to other pages when you click on them. Larry Page,
cofounder of Google, believed that meaningful data could be drawn from how those links
connect. Page figured that websites with many links pointing at them were more
important than those that had few. He was right. Google’s search results were much
better than their rivals. They would soon become the world’s most used search engine.

It wasn’t just the great search results that led to Google becoming so well liked. It also
had to do with the way that they presented their product. Most of the other search engines
were cluttered. Their home pages were filled with everything from news stories to stock
quotes. But Google’s homepage was, and still is, clean. There’s nothing on it but the logo,
the search box, and a few links. It almost appears empty. In fact, when they were first
testing it, users would wait at the home page and not do anything. When asked why, they
said that they were, “waiting for the rest of the page to load.” People couldn’t imagine
such a clean and open page as being complete. But the fresh design grew on people once
they got used to it.

These days Google has its hands in everything from self-driving cars to helping humans
live longer. Though they have many other popular products, they will always be best
known for their search engine. The Google search engine has changed our lives and our
language. Not only is it a fantastic product, it is a standing example that one good idea
(and a lot of hard work) can change the world.

1. Which event happened last?
A. Lycos released their search engine.
B. Yahoo! released their search engine.
C. Google released their search engine.
D. Xerox released their copy machine.

2. Which statement would the author of this text most likely disagree with?
A. Part of Google’s success is due to the design of their homepage.
B. Google succeeded by following examples of others in their field.
C. Google wasn’t the first search engine, but it was the best.
D. Google’s success may not have been possible without Larry Page. 3. Which best expresses the main idea of the third paragraph?

3. Which best expresses the main idea of the third paragraph?
A. There are lots and lots of websites connected to the internet.
B. Google created a better way to organize search results.
C. Many smart people have worked on search engines over the years.
D. Older search engines used unreliable methods to order results.

4. What is the author’s main purpose in writing this article?
A. To explain how Google overtook its rivals
B. To compare and contrast Google and Xerox
C. To persuade readers to use Google for internet searches
D. To discuss how companies can influence language over time

5. Which statement would the author most likely agree with?
A. Google became successful because its founders were well-connected.
B. Google was the world’s first and best search engine.
C. Google changed the world by solving an old problem in a new way.
D. Google’s other products are now more important to its success than search.

6. Which best expresses the main idea of the fourth paragraph?
A. Links allow people to surf from one website to the next.
B. Larry Page’s ideas about links helped Google get to the top.
C. Larry Page contributed to the internet by inventing the link.
D. Google is a website that serves important links to users.

7. Which best explains why the author discusses Xerox in this text?
A. He is discussing big companies that came before Google.
B. He is explaining how companies must change with the times.
C. He is showing how companies can affect our language.
D. He is comparing and contrasting Google and Xerox.

8. How did Google improve search quality in 1998?
A. They counted how many times queries appeared on each page.
B. They looked more closely at the words in search queries.
C. They linked to more pages.
D. They studied the relationships of links.

9. Which was cited as a reason why Google became so popular?
A. Google’s homepage was clean.
B. Google provided catchy news stories on their homepage.
C. Google homepage loaded quickly.
D. Google provided useful stock quotes on their homepage.

10.Which title best expresses the author’s main purpose in writing this text?
A. Xerox Vs. Google: Battle of the Titans
B. Search Engines: How They Work and Why They’re Important
C. A Better Way: How Google Rose to the Top
D. Search Engines: A Short History of Important Tools


11.She began to solicit contributions from her friends, and saved her pennies.
A. Ask
B. Copy
C. Kneel
D. Possess

12.Henry asked for permission to invade and subjugate Ireland, in order to gain absolute ownership of that isle.
A. Send
B. Need
C. Convince
D. Dominate

13.Good information on a product can mitigate this problem.
A. Ease
B. Extend
C. Fail
D. Alter

14.Jerry trained Lisa to look on her future sovereignty as an engagement to make religion respected.
A. Student
B. Custom
C. Quality
D. Freedom

15.The benevolent gentleman left a further sum of $5000 to be divided among the poor.
A. Sour
B. Abrupt
C. Excited
D. Charitable


16.The country’s honest politician accused them of trying to dismantle the country’s legal system.
A. Remake
B. Clothe
C. Assemble
D. Strike

17.This summer has remained quite abundant in rainfalls reportedly to the decade.
A. Triple
B. Plentiful
C. Scarce
D. Luxuriant

18.The job was quite arduous of conditions for Lobo as a climb up to the mountain with no lubrication.
A. Easy
B. Difficult
C. Exciting
D. Tremendous

19.He had shown himself so incapable and apathetic that his followers were sick of fighting for such a despicable master.
A. Agitated
B. Concerned
C. Surprised
D. Happy

20.Beyond them was a crude wooden floored arena hedged by rows of shouting people.
A. Classical
B. Graceful
C. Natural
D. Polished


21. I ________ the books above my head.
A. Raised
B. Was raise
C. Were raised
D. raising

22.He _______ both German and Italian.
A. Speaks
B. Is speaking
C. Spoke
D. Had spoken

23.She ______ a cup of tea for her ___________ Because she was not feeling well
A. Mad, maide
B. Made, maid
C. Maid, made
D. Maide, made

24.The quality of the candies _________ Poor.
A. Is
B. Are
C. Was
D. Were

25.Sam is quite_____ But her sister is ________
A. more smart, smarter
B. Smart, smarter
C. Smarter, smart
D. Smart, more smart

26.We _______ our vacation in Florida last summer.
A. Spend
B. Had spent
C. Spent
D. Spending

27.I’m afraid I’m not hungry anymore I _________.
A. Already eat
B. Ate
C. Was eating
D. Have already eaten

28.The weather ______________ very good last week.
A. Was not
B. Are not
C. Were not
D. Is not

29.None of my friends _________ there.
A. Was
B. Were
C. Are
D. Are not

30.The poor _______ suffering.
A. Is
B. Are
C. Was
D. Was not


31.I cannot agree ________ you on this point.
A. By
B. With
C. To
D. Towards

32.The people should pay their bills _________ time.
A. In
B. With
C. By
D. On

33. I usually talk with my parent __________ morning.
A. At
B. On
C. By
D. In

34.People usually went ________ trips in summer.
A. On
B. At
C. In
D. Upon

35. He had a daughter ________ his former wife.
A. Of
B. From
C. To
D. By


36. She walking briskly meant that she was in a hurry.
A. She walking
B. briskly
C. meant that she was in a hurry
D. She walking & meant that she was in a hurry

37.The radically polarized sections of the society are no good to anyone.
A. The radically
B. polarized
C. are
D. No Error

38.He is a very intelligence boy and always do pristine work and hence not the facsimiles.
A. very intelligence
B. always do pristine
C. the facsimiles
D. very intelligence & the facsimiles

39. The function was held at Mumbai and as a result, not much of them
A. The function was held
B. at Mumbai
C. and as a result
D. not much of them

40. He shouted at his secretary and told her that he does not need her service.
A. He shouted
B. told her
C. does not
D. No Error


41. Ali returned the money last night.
A. The money was returned by Ali last night.
B. The money was returning by Ali last night.
C. The money had been return by Ali last night.
D. Last night money was returned by Ali.

42. Roberto took that book from the desk.
A. the Book was taken from the desk by Roberto.
B. That book was taken by Roberto from the desk.
C. Roberto from the desk took the book.
D. That book was taken from the desk by Roberto.


43. That Dawn Newspaper is torn.
A. Dawn
B. Newspaper
C. Torn
D. None

44. You cannot go outside without protocol because you are not courageous.
A. Protocol
B. Courageous
C. Not Courageous
D. Because


45. She tackled the situation very wisely.
A. Wisely
B. Very
C. Very Wisely
D. None

46. The bride was attired gorgeously.
A. Bride
B. Attired
C. Gorgeously
D. Both B & C


47. There was a lot of ___________ , which irritated me.
A. Aunt
B. Ants
C. Both
D. None

48. Hazarajat is located in___________ Of Afghanistan.
A. Centre
B. Center
C. Both
D. None

Direct & Indirect Narration:

49. David said to Anna, “Mona will leave for her native place tomorrow”.
A. David told Anna that Mona will leave for her native place tomorrow.
B. David told Anna that Mona left for her native place the next day.
C. David told Anna that Mona would be leaving for her native place tomorrow.
D. David told Anna that Mona would leave for her native place the next day.

50. He said to her, “What a cold day”!
A. He told her that it was a cold day.
B. He exclaimed that it was a cold day.
C. He exclaimed sorrowfully that it was a cold day.
D. He exclaimed that it was a very cold day.


51. If a > b and b > a, then:
A. a = b
B. a ≠ b
C. cannot be evaluated
D. impossible

52. If x2 + 1 = 0, then x = ?
A. 1
B. i
C. ± 1
D. ± i

53.The product of complex numbers (4,3) and (5,-6) is ?
A. (18,3)
B. (18,-3)
C. (38,9)
D. (38,-9)

54.The multiplicative identity of a complex number is ?
A. (0,0)
B. (1,0)
C. (0,1)
C. (0,1)

55. The ratio of a age of man and his wife is 4:3. After 4 years, this ratio will be 9:7. If at the time of the marriage, the ratio was 5:3, the how many years ago they were married?
A. 15 years
B. 10 years
C. 8 years
D. 12 years

56. Find a third proportional to the numbers 4, 42.
A. 541
B. 641
C. 441
D. None of these

57. If actual input price is $150 and budgeted input price is $80, then price variance will be:
A. $130
B. $70
C. $150
D. $80

58. Standard input allows one unit, to be divided by standard cost per output unit, for variable direct cost input to calculate:
A. standard price per input unit
B. standard price per output unit
C. standard cost per input unit
D. standard cost per output unit

59. In a library, the ratio of number of story books to that of non-story books was 4:3 and total number of story books was 1248. When some more story books were bought, the ratio became 5:3. Find the number of story books bought.
A. 312
B. 321
C. 936
D. 1560

60. If A:B = 2:3, B:C = 4:5 and C:D = 6:7, then A:B:C:D is:
A. 18:24:30:35
B. 16:24:30:35
C. 16:22:30:35
D. 16:24:15:35

61. An integer is 10 more than its one-third part. The integer is…?
A. 15
B. 12
C. 18
D. 25

62. Which is largest amongst 5/8, 2/3, 7/9, 3/5…?
A. 5/8
B. 2/3
C. 7/9
D. 3/5

63. Mr. Uzair bought 24 markers. 7 markers had green ink, 15 markers had red ink and the rest had black ink. What fraction of the markers had black ink?
A. 1/12 had black ink
B. 15/24 had black ink
C. 11/12 had black ink
D. 7/24 had black ink

64. 40 students made the student council. 5/8 of the students were girls. How many boys made student council?
A. 25 boys
B. 15 boys
C. 10 boys
D. 20 boys

65. Mr. Subhan reads three-fifth of 75 pages of his lesson. How many more pages he need to complete the lesson?
A. 40 Pages
B. 30 Pages
C. 35 Pages
D. 50 Pages

66. An Arc AB of length of 5cm is marked on circle of radius 3cm. The Area of sector bounded by this arc and Radii from A and B is….
A. 7.5cm^2
B. 7.5m^2
C. 75m^2
D. 75cm^

67. An object moved in a circular path of radius 21m such that it made an angle of 30o . What is the distance (in meter) covered by the object?
A. 11
B. 21
C. 31
D. 41

68 Question

The following pie-chart shows the percentage distribution of the expenditure incurred in publishing a book. Study the pie-chart and the answer the questions based on it. Various Expenditures (in percentage) Incurred in Publishing a Book


69. If for a certain quantity of books, the publisher has to pay Rs. 30,600 as printing cost, then what will be amount of royalty to be paid for these books?
A. Rs. 19,450
B. Rs. 21,200
C. Rs. 22,950
D. Rs. 26,150

70. If for an edition of the book, the cost of paper is Rs. 56250, then find the promotion cost for this edition.
A. Rs. 20,000
B. Rs. 22,500
C. Rs. 25,500
D. Rs. 28,125

71. For any event A, probability range should be
A. 0 ≤ P(A) ≤ 1
B. 0 < P P(A) ≤ 1
C. P(A) >1
D. 0 ≤ P(A) < 1

72. Linda walked for 2 hours then ran for 1 hour. If she runs three times as fast as she walks and the total trip was 20 kilometers, then how fast does she run?
A. 3km/h
B. 4km/h
C. 6km/h
D. 12km/h

73. Which set of ordered pairs represents a function?
A. A = { (a , 3) , (b , 5) , (c , 9) , (d , 9) }
B. B = { (a , -3) , (b , 6) , (c , 1) , (b , 9) }
C. C = { (a , 3) , (b , 3) , (c , 3) , (c , 3) }
D. D = { (a , 5) , (a , -9) , (a , 0) , (a , 12)

74. One number is 10 more than another. The sum of twice the smaller plus three times the larger, is 55. What are the two numbers?
A. 5,10
B. 10,15
C. 5,15
D. 20,15

75. If ƒ(x) = -2x+8, then f-1(1) =
A. 9⁄2
B. 7⁄2
C. ²⁄9
D. 0

76. De-Morgen’s Law states
A. A’ U B’ = (A ∩ B)’
B. A’ ∩ B’ = (A U B)’
C. A’ U B’ = (A U B)’
D. Both A & B

77. A∩(B∩C) = (A∩B) ∩C is
A. Associative Property
B. Transitive Property
C. Commutative Property
D. Distributive Property

78. ((((A’)’)’)’ =?
A. (A’)’
B. A’
C. A
D. Both A & C

79. 5√9+9√25=?
A. 60√5
B. 14√34
C. 60
D. 34

80. If 𝑦 + 1/𝑦 = −2 then 𝑦2 + 1/𝑦2 =?
A. 2
B. -2
C. 4
D. -4

81. 510 + 54 + 51 + 1251 + 252
A. 518
B. 2515
C. 522
D. 525

82. If 5/𝑥 = 25/𝑦 = 125/25 , then find x, y:
A. 5,25
B. 1,25
C. 1,5
D. 25,25

83. The width of rectangle is 5 cm less than thrice of its length. If the perimeter of rectangle is 30cm, find the dimensions of rectangle: (L,W)
A. 5,10
B. 4,10
C. 10,4
D. 4,6

84. If Ali’s monthly salary is X dollars and he saves Y dollars. How much does Ali consume monthly?
A. X+Y
B. X-Y
C. Y-X

85. If two angles are said to be supplementary angles and one of angle is of 120 ° then other angle is of
A. 35 °
B. 58 °
C. 32°
D. 60°

86. The derivative of 3×1/3 +5x+ k , (k is any constant) is:
A. 3x+5
B. x 1/3 +5 +k
C. x -2/3 +5
D. x +k

87. d/dx(cotx)* d/dx(tanx) is: [* means Multiply]
A. sin-2x
B. csc x
C. sec x
D. tan2x

88. 3x+ 5y= 10; y- 2x= 2; x-y = ?
A. 150
B. -2
C. 300
D. 50

89. 8x+9y=3; x+y=0; Find 2x-3y.
A. 10
B. 25
C. -15
D. 51

90. ʃ sin(x) dx
A. cos(x) +c
B. –csc(x) +c
C. sec(x) +c
D. –cos(x) +c

91. ʃ (3x8 +x -5)= ?
A. x9 / 3 +x2 /2 -5x+c
B. 16x9+4x+c
C. 3x9+2x2 -5x+c
D. None

92. Find value of H from given triangle if area of given Right triangle is 400.
A. 20
B. √20
C. 20√5
D. 5√20

given triangle

93. Which of the following is not an identity?
A. sin2 a+cos2 a=1
B. sin(a)=tan(a)*cos(a)
C. 1+cot2 a=csc2 a
D. 1-sec2 a=tan2 a

94. Plane which consists of two number lines that intersect each other at right angle is called:
A. Functional plane
B. Ordinate Plane
C. Dimensional Plane
D. Cartesian Plane

95. The equation of given graph is:
A. –x 2+3
B. x 2+3
C. x 2 -3
D. –(x2+3)

Given Equation

96. If the average of 10, 14 and N is greater than 8 and less than 12, what is the possible value of N?
A. -12
B. -6
C. 0
D. 6
E. 12

97. 45% of 16 is 16% of what number?
A. 73.5
B. 4.5
C. 3.75
D. 45

98. If 3x+y<4 and x>3 , which of the following must be true ?
A. Y<-5
B. Y<-10
C. Y=x
D. X<3
E. Y>0

99. If |x| >x and x2+x=6 then x+9=?
A. 6
B. 11
C. -6
D. -11

100. While paying his telephone bill , Kamran paid $45 instead of $40 , what is the percentage error?
A. 12.5%
B. 30%
C. 45%
D. 12%

Answer Key for Mock Test NTHP 2019


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