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Attributes MCQs page consists of attribute and its values, valid value for attribute, favicon attribute, meta attribute, boolean attribute, data source object attribute.

71. Which attribute is used to link the bookmark?

A. href

B. id

C. target

D. <img>

Answer: A

72. Which attribute allows to show an image while downloading a video?

A. controls

B. poster

C. preload

D. none

Answer: B

73. Which attribute specify a column name from the data source object?

A. datafld

B. codebase

C. hspace

D. datasrc

Answer: A

74. Which attribute is used for data binding?

A. name

B. datafld

C. datasrc

D. mayscript

Answer: C

75. Which attribute assigns a name to the applet?

A. name

B. vspace

C. src

D. object

Answer: A

76. Which attribute is used to input to prevent user input?

A. readonly

B. .sr-only

C. disabled

D. .has-feedback

Answer: A

77. What is the use of "defer" attribute?

A. It defers rendering of html page

B. It defers script execution until the page has been rendered

C. It defers rendering of css attributes

D. It is only for internal scripts

Answer: B

78. What is the role of charset attribute? It specifies

A. a scheme to be used to interpret the value of the content attribute

B. a name for the metadata

C. the character encoding for the HTML document

D. the character decoding for the HTML document

Answer: C

79. Which is not a Boolean attribute?

A. Multiple

B. Novalidate

C. Formvalidate

D. Formtarget

Answer: D

80. Which of the following is not the keyword of form method attribute?





Answer: D