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Rapid Roll Game In C Language

Rapid Roll Game In C Language


Rapid Roll Game in C Language is a very helpful to learn Game Programming in C, Everyone of you want to learn about C Graphics but could not reach right Tutorial which fulfill your requirements. I am here to tell about about Game Programming in C. If you want source code of this Game Please comment blow.

Source Code

Rapid Roll Game is the famaous game in Nokia 1600 model, Having played that game I decided to develop Rapid Roll Game for my semester project. This Project contains many files like "INSTRUCT.C", "LICENSE.exe" and "PROJECT.C" source file. The PROJECT.C source is the main file where you will find main method of application. Let's try to create new game project in c programming language.

Step 1: Create new file "INSTRUCT.C" name.

This file contains some of instructions to play a game with some rules.


Step 2: Create new file "LICENCE.exe" name.

Save this file with .exe extension. It contains a secret code. That file is used in a project. 

File Name: LICENSE.exe

Step 3: Create new file "PROJECT.C" name.

This the source code files which contains main method to start flow. All of above files are used in this file. I will try to explain code through comments where it needed.


NOTE: It will ask you for a password when you have screen to play. so password is "786".