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File Upload Spring MVC - Maven - JQuery - JavaScript - Ajax

File Upload Spring MVC - Maven - JQuery - JavaScript - Ajax


It is very simple to write a program for File Upload Spring MVC JQuery and Ajax call. In this tutorial we will follow all required steps like POM.xml dependency entry, Bean entry in application context, Multipart file entry in controller, JSP with JQuery and Ajax call.

File Upload Spring MVC

In this video tutorial, We will focus main points of File Upload Spring MVC step by step. Before getting started you must be familiar of previous post SPRING MVC CONFIGURATION WITH HIBERNATE, because it contains all basic information for starting spring mvc project for beginners.

1. Dependency entry for file upload spring mvc in POM.xml

There are two dependencies required specially for file upload spring mvc, commons-fileupload dependency also dependent on commons-io dependency that mean you must put commons-io with commons-fileupload

Filename: POM.xml

2. New Bean entry for file upload spring mvc in application context.

It is required a Multi part Resolver bean in application context file.


3. A new file upload controller.

This file contains all logic for getting jsp file page and upload file method logic

Filename: FileuploadController.java

4. A new JSP file for file upload through JQuery and Ajax call.

A JSP file where HTML and JavaScript code for uploading file to the File Upload Controller

Filename: fileUpload.jsp