Harvard university fully funded scholarships for Masters and Ph.D

Harvard university fully funded scholarships for Masters and Ph.D

Harvard university fully funded scholarships for Masters and Ph.D. However, Harvard University is 2nd ranked best university in the USA and 3rd ranked in the world, and HU delighted to invite students for Fully Funded scholarships for Ph.D. and various Scholarships for masters program for international and domestic students, all departments and multiple deadlines. (Easy & compete process to apply now).

About; Harvard University, Massachusetts, USA.

However, the Harvard University was founded in 1636 in Massachusetts, USA. It is the one oldest university of higher learning in the USA and is associated with power, wealth, prestige, and high academic standards as per said. Further, HU is part of the Ivy League, an association made of the most prestigious and top best-ranked universities in the USA.

Scholarship Benefits:

  • There are three funding rounds for each academic year.
  • Full tuition scholarship for five years and the thesis achievement year.
  • Living stipend during 1st and 2nd year.
  • The arrangement of stipends, research assistant-ships, and teaching fellowships, during 3rd year and 4th year.
  • Research support or stipend for 5th Year.
  • For the professional development, $2,500 has been arranged.

The GSAS offers a wide-ranging program of financial support, including fellowships and grants from external and internal resources, teaching fellowships, research assistant-ships, trainee-ships other academic employment opportunities, so forth.

Fields/ Programs of study:

All Departments Degree program offered by Harvard University and for clarity, the process, benefits, requirements, and the deadline has been arranged according to the types and levels of various offers.

Such as; Degree programs, Non-degree programs, secondary fields and combined degrees programs in all desired departments.

Application deadlines for both Masters and PhD studies.

The most common application Deadlines for all programs; 1 December, 15 Dec 2018, 2 Jan 2019;

Required documents and How to apply. (Easily apply follow few steps by this link;

Watch complete video to follow steps for this scholarship.

Harvard university fully funded scholarships Subject Areas.

These are degree programs such as:

1.       African and African 2.       American Studies
3.       American Studies 4.       Anthropology
5.       Applied Mathematics 6.       Applied Physics
7.       Archaeology 8.       Architecture
9.       Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning 10.   Astronomy
11.   Bio engineering 12.   Bioinformatics and Integrative Genomics
13.   Biological and Biomedical Sciences 14.   Biological Sciences in Dental Medicine
15.   Biological Sciences in Public Health HILS 16.   Biophysics
17.   Biostatistics 18.   Business Administration
19.   Business Economics 20.   Celtic Languages and Literatures
21.   Chemical Biology 22.   Chemical Physics
23.   Chemistry and Chemical Biology HILS 24.   The Classics
25.   Comparative Literature 26.   Computational Science and Engineering
27.   Computer Science Data Science Master of Science (SM) 28.   Division of Medical Sciences
29.   Earth and Planetary Sciences 30.   East Asian Languages and Civilizations
31.   Economics 32.   Education
33.   Electrical Engineering 34.   Engineering and Applied Sciences
35.   Master of Engineering (ME) 36.   English
37.   Environmental Science and Engineering 38.   Film and Visual Studies
39.   Germanic Languages and Literatures 40.   Government
41.   Harvard Integrated Life Sciences 42.   Health Policy
43.   History 44.   History of Art and Architecture
45.   History of Science 46.   Human Evolutionary Biology
47.   Immunology DMS HILS 48.   Inner Asian and Altaic Studies
49.   International Relations 50.   Linguistics
51.   Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering 52.   Mathematics
53.   Middle Eastern Studies 54.   Molecular and Cellular Biology
55.   Music 56.   Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
57.   Neuroscience DMS HILS 58.   Organismic and Evolutionary Biology
59.   Organizational Behavior 60.   Philosophy
61.   Physics 62.   Political Economy and Government
63.   Political Science 64.   Population Health Sciences
65.   Psychology 66.   Public Policy
67.   Regional Studies–East Asia 68.   Regional Studies–Russia
69.   Eastern Europe and Central Asia 70.   Religion
71.   Romance Languages and Literature 72.   Slavic Languages and Literature
73.   Social Policy 74.   Sociology
75.   South Asian studies 76.   Speech and Hearing Bioscience and Technology
77.   Statistics 78.   Systems Biology
79.   Virology


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Harvard university fully funded scholarships Details:

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