Lack of Education

Lack of Education

There are too many problems in Pakistan but the lack of education is one of the most authentic problems that requires our attention. Pakistan is not more progressive than other countries due to lack of education. The literacy rate of Pakistan was very low even in the beginning and it kept on decreasing as the level progressed.

Short survey

According to the survey report of Alif Ailaan 2016, Pakistan failed to meet the Millennium Development Goals targets for universal primary schools and increasing adult literacy.

We do not know whether Pakistan will be able to meet the education targets of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), but to have any hope of succeeding, an urgent course correction is required, since the SDGs agreed in 2015, there has been almost no concerted effort to establish a narrative of these new international commitments or of the renewed efforts required to be under taken by state and society in Pakistan.

Education Score Report

According the Alif Ailaan, Primary school level education score report 2016, Islamabad ranked the 1st with 85.74 education score in primary level education based survey and other provinces are listed below.




Province/region Education score Enrollment Score
1 Islamabad 85.74 89.52
2 Azad Jammu Kashmir 81.68 73.42
3 Punjab 73.56 70.33
4 Gilgit-Baltistan 73.21 58.55
Pakistan 66.54 64.40
5 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) 65.32 70.85
6 Sindh 60.44 60.87
7 FATA 54.05 62.10
8 Baluchistan 51.04 55.56


In District wise education score survey, the top ten major districts are from Islamabad, Azad Jammu Kashmir, Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) but unfortunately not from the Sindh and Baluchistan. What are the main reasons behind the getting low score in education?

Lack of awareness, School buildings’ infrastructure, lack of facilities, little interest of government officers, feudalism in rural areas are the main reasons behind the low score or lack of education.

Education problem in Sindh

In Sindh, Many schools are non-functional in rural areas due to officials ‘carelessness. Government uses the budget in making useless schools in those areas where there is no necessity of making more than one school. The situation is even worse in rural areas, where sending girls to school is considered as against their respect and even boys are not encouraged. They consider matric education is enough for boys.

The other reason of non-functional schools in rural areas is the Waderas and Raees (landlords) of the villages mostly in backward areas in Pakistan. Landlords use these schools to store their crops or their cattle in schools. They destroy the environment of the education in the villages; they do not want to give education to villagers because they fear that if the villagers become educated, they will never accept their slavery.

Landlords rule the villages as though they were the creators of the village. They don’t apply any rule of government; the rules are created and violated by them. Government officials are aware of this shameful act of but they never take any action against them because they themselves remain involved in criminal activities with them. Due to all these impediments, children of village cannot get the education.


The drop out ratio is also on its peak. Lack of education is root of myriad hindrances in the way of progress and prosperity. It blocks person’s communication skill too and sometimes causes inferiority complex.

Many parents do not send their children to schools. Main reason behind this is poverty, earning source, lack of awareness. Moreover, instead of sending their children to schools, they send them to shops, hotels, automobiles shops etc. where they do work on daily wages and run the home.

Government has failed to provide basic needs to people of. The politicians only promise people to provide every facility on the occasion of General Elections, they motivate the people with unknown vision and people do not understand their vision and cast the vote in there.

We will have to work for the better future of Pakistan. We will have to convey the message of education to rural areas through lectures and motivational seminars. We will have to choose a leader not a sheep in parliament.

Government does not provide the basic needs, we have to get our basic needs. We should work for nation rather than criticizing others every time. We will have to overcome this lack of education.

If we get successful to get our targets of providing better education, Insha’Allah we will rock everywhere. Best wishes for Pakistan.

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Published By: Fiaz Hussain Abro


  1. Like Rwanda, there are many examples in history. These countries have seen worst but soon they touched the success that they only achieved by improving their education system not by just criticizing oppositions!

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