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HTML MCQs - Elements MCQs

Elements MCQs page is consisted of values of elements, attributes of elements, properties of elements, elements in html5, newly added elements in HTML5, input type elements,

11. Which of the following is not a newly added element in HTML5?

A. article

B. audio

C. nav

D. frameset

Answer: D

12. Which of the following element represents the header of a section or the document and contains a label or other heading information for the related content?

A. data-X

B. header

C. mark

D. meter

Answer: B

13. Which of the following element sets is an item of metadata?

A. itemscope

B. itemref

C. itemtype

D. none of the mentioned

Answer: A

14. Which element is used to define a discrete unit of content such as a blogpost, comment, and so on?

A. section

B. class

C. article

D. media

Answer: C

15. Which element may be used within content to represent material that is tangential?

A. aside

B. cite

C. article

D. class

Answer: A

16. The element ___________ simply groups items within an enclosed dd tag, though it may associate them with a caption defined by a dt tag.

A. object

B. figure

C. embed

D. collect

Answer: A

17. Which of the following element is used for highlighting content similarly to how a highlighter pen might be used on important text in a book?

A. em

B. strong

C. mark

D. bold

Answer: C

18. The _________ element is used to render simple graphics such as line art, graphs, and other custom graphical elements on the client side.

A. metadata

B. css

C. canvas

D. art

Answer: C

19. Which of the following element is used for canvas graphics?

A. <paint>

B. <canvas>

C. <graphic>

D. <css>

Answer: B

20. The new __________ element is supposed to represent some form of extra details, such as a tooltip or revealed region that may be shown to a user.

A. progress

B. meter

C. details

D. menu

Answer: C