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Tutorial 2 Common files and Connect Hibernate

Tutorial 2 Common files and Connect Hibernate


You can find in this video tutorial. * How to establish hiberbate connection? * How to set hibernate properties? * How to run an application first time?

Common files

In this video tutorial, we are going to understand some of the common files in spring mvc

  • Web.xml - It is a configuration file for web applications in Java. It contains instructions for the servlet containers what to do.
  • UsersController.java - It is a user defined spring mvc controller, It container annotation for @RequestMapping and @Controller to handle the http request.
  • users.jsp - It a view (HTML) page to show page content on the browser. which also contains JavaScript code the client side logic.
  • pom.xml - It stands for Project Object Model (POM) which contain maven configuration and set of dependencies.
  • applicationContext.xml - It is also configuration file for Spring application.
  • SpringMVC-servlet.xml - it is a servlet level configuration file.