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Tutorial 1 Project Setup

Tutorial 1 Project Setup


You can find in this video tutorial. * How to download a spring mvc project? * How to setup tomcat apache server? * How to run a Spring MVC application? * How to add maven dependencies to the project?

Spring MVC Project Setup

Learning for Spring MVC project setup at your system in eclipse IDE.

Following are steps to setup a project.

Step 1: Download spring mvc project sample

CLICK HERE to download spring mvc source code

Step 2: Extract archive file

Extract download spring mvc archive file to specific folder.

Step 3: Import project in eclipse

In eclipse

  • File > Import > General > Import Existing Project
  • Select a root directory where you have extracted spring mvc project.

Step 4: Update maven project

  • Right click on project > Maven > Update project

Step 5: Run a project

  • Right click on project > Run As > Run on Server