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Tutorial 6 WebXML

Tutorial 6 WebXML


You can find in this video tutorial. * What is deployment descriptor file? * How to define dispatcher servlet? * How to set URL mapping for dispatcher servlet?


It is a configuration file for web application in java. It instructs the servlet container (Tomcat) which class to load.

Things can be defined in WebXML

  • Filters could be defined in it.
  • Welcome file list could be defined in it.
  • Error pages could be defined in it.

Some of the child elements element,

  • Init-param: It is a static parameter, which is defined within servlet tag.It is a servlet level scope. At the servlet level you can get value of this.
  • Context-param: It is a static parameter, which is defined in web.xml file. It is an application level scope parameter. If the data does not change frequently you can store in it.
  • Servlet: The servlet element contains the declarative data of a servlet.
  • Servlet-Mapping: The servlet-mapping element defines a mapping between a servlet and a URL pattern.
  • Listener: The Listener element defines an event of the web application.