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ASP.Net MVC Facebook Birthday App Tutorial

ASP.Net MVC Facebook Birthday App Tutorial


You'll learn to developed Facebok app using ASP.Net MVC. This is all about developing Facebook birthday app which lets you aware of your friends' birthday and further you can customize it to send birthday gift.

Facebook Birthday App Tutorial

In this video tutorial, we are going to create Facebook birthday greeting application to greet your friend.

There are following steps to create app in Visual Studio 2013.

Step 1: Run a Visual Studio

Run a Visual Studio for creating new web application in ASP.NET MVC.

Step 2: Create a project.

  • choose File Menu > Project
  • select Visual C# tab
  • select Web and Facebook Application
  • give it Project Name and desired path.

Step 3: Connect to Facebook

  • Select Your project in Solution Explorer
  • Click View Tab
  • Click Properties Window 
  • In Properties Set SSL Enabled as "True" 
  • Copy SSL URL 
  • Select Solution Explorer again.
  • Right Click on your app then Properties.
  • In Web section Paste that copied URL in to Project URL.
  • Press button "Create Virtual Directory" 

Step 4: Create Facebook Application

  • Go to developers.facebook.com
  • Click My Apps tab
  • click Add a New App button
  • select Facebok Canvas
  • write your app name like "BirthdayApp1" 
  • click Create new Facebook App Id button
  • Choose the category as Entertainment
  •  click Create App ID button
  • write your email when it asks 
  • In Canvas Page write your app name like apps.facebook.com/birthdayappbyme
  • In Secure Host URL paste your secure URL like localhost:44305/ then press Next
  • Skip to Developer dashboard 
  • Go to Settings of your Facebook App
  • Copy Secure Canvas URL then paste in Mobile Site URL 
  • Save Changes
  • Go to App Review 
  • Make BirthdayApp1 public "Yes" 

Step 5: Setting in Visual Studio for Facebook App

  • Select Solution Explorer
  • open Web.config
  • In Web.config we need to set following values for Facebook AppId, AppSecret and AppNameSpace. 
  • We can have these values from Facebook App Dashboard. 

Step 6: Run a web Birthday App

  • Play it or press F5
  • You will have login screen in web browser login and start your Birthday App