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ASP.Net MVC5 - Uploading Files

ASP.Net MVC5 - Uploading Files


In this tutorial you'll learn how to upload files in asp.net MVC5. This tutorial will show you to upload any file in asp.net mvc 5.

Uploading Files

In this video tutorials, we are going to create mvc5 application in asp.net for file uploading.

Following are the steps to create.

Step 1: Create a project

  • File Menu > Project
  • Web > ASP.NET Web Application

Step 2: Create a controller

  • Add a controller named UploadController

Step 3: Create a view

  • Add a new view named Index 

Step 4: Update a view

  • In a view add a form with multipart/form-data
  • Add input fields for file upload and submit form.

Step 5: Update a controller.

  • Add a method to upload file in controller.
  • Set the path where to upload a file.