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Islamic Studies MCQs

Islamic Studies MCQs - Holy Quran MCQs

Holy Quran MCQs has most important information regards number of words occurs, In which surah Fasting, Hajj, Zakat is commanded, Stages of Quran, Number of Paras, Manzil, Surahsin, Rukoos and Ayaats, Makki Surah VS Maddani Surrah, Meaning of Surah.

81. How many verses of Tasbeeh are there in the Holy Quran?

A. 400

B. 600

C. 800

D. 1000

Answer: D

82. How many Surahs of the Holy Quran commence with the Word Qul?

A. 1

B. 2

C. 4

D. 6

Answer: C

83. The Holy Quran was revealed in _____ Years.

A. 20

B. 21

C. 22

D. 23

Answer: D

84. According to the Holy Quran, Hazrat Musa (AS) was granted _____ miracles.

A. 8

B. 9

C. 10

D. 11

Answer: B

85. How many times the word Ya-Ayuhan-Nabeyo appear in the Holy Quran?

A. 9

B. 11

C. 13

D. 15

Answer: B

86. The Laws of Quran and Sunnah are _____.

A. Invincible

B. Unchangeable

C. Supreme

D. Both (a) & (b)

Answer: C

87. The effort for the collection and compilation of Islamic Laws based on the Quran and Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (SAW) is called _____.

A. Qiyas

B. Ijtehad

C. Fiqah

D. Ijma

Answer: C

88. ______ is the best interpreter and explanatory of the Holy Quran.

A. Hazrat Adam (AS)

B. Hazrat Isa (AS)

C. Hazrat jibraeel (AS)

D. Hazrat Muhammad (SAW)

Answer: D

89. The second best book, after the Holy Quran for the Muslim world is ______.

A. Sahih Bukhari

B. Sunan Nisai

C. Muatta

D. None of these

Answer: A

90. The word "zakat" is mentioned _____ times in the Holy Quran.

A. 30

B. 32

C. 34

D. 36

Answer: B