English Sindhi Grammar

Present tense of ToBe - English Sindhi Grammar

زمان حال هجڻ


A verb which expresses state or existence in present time that is called present tense of “to be”.


هڪ اهڙو فعل جيڪو زمان حال ۾ حالت يا موجودگيءَ کي بيان ڪري انکي زمان حال هجڻ چئبو آهي.

State or Existence

Note:- This tense shows state or existence of the subject in present time.


Ali is in Mosque. (EXISTENCE)
She is a doctor. (STATE)

حالت يا موجودگي

نوٽ:- هي زمان حال وقت ۾ فاعل جي حالت يا موجودگي ڏيکاريندو آهي.


  1. علي مسجد ۾ آهي. (موجودگي)
  2. هوءَ هڪ ڊاڪٽر آهي. (حالت)

Helping Verbs

Note:- (1) "Is", "Am", "Are" are the helping verbs of the present tense of tobe.


I am a cricket player.
She is in kitchen.
They are very sharp.

Note:- (2) "Is" is used with singular nouns, "Are" is used with "You" singular, “You” plural and plural nouns and "Am" is used with "I".


I am a doctor. (Singular)
We are doctors. (Plural)
You are a doctor. (Singular)
You are doctors. (Plural)
He is a doctor. (Singular)
She is a doctor. (Singular)
It is a pen. (Singular)
They are doctors. (Plural)
Ali is a doctor. (Singular)
Ali and Ahmed are doctors. (Plural)

مددگار فعل

نوٽ:- (1) "is" , "am" ۽ "are" زمان حال هجڻ جا مددگار فعل آهن.


  1. مان هڪ ڪرڪيٽ رانديگر آهيان
  2. هوءَ باورچيکاني ۾ آهي
  3. اهي تمام ذهين آهن

نوٽ:- (2) ”is“ واحد اسمن سان استمعال ٿيندو آهي، ”are“ واحد ”You“ ، جمع ”You“ ۽ جمع اسمن سان استمعال ٿيندو آهي ۽ ”I“ سان ”am“ استمعال ٿيندو آهي.


  1. مان هڪ ڊاڪٽر آهيان (واحد)
  2. اسين ڊاڪٽر آهيون (جمع)
  3. تون هڪ ڊاڪٽر آهين (واحد)
  4. توهان ڊاڪٽر آهيو (جمع)
  5. هي هڪ ڊاڪٽر آهي (واحد)
  6. هوءَ هڪ ڊاڪٽر آهي (واحد)
  7. هي هڪ پين آهي (واحد)
  8. اهي ڊاڪٽر آهن (جمع)
  9. علي هڪ ڊاڪٽر آهي (واحد)
  10. علي ۽ احمد ڊاڪٽر آهن (جمع)

Emphatic Sentences

Note:- "Really" is used for emphatic sentences.


I am really in Karachi.
It is really hot today.
They are really in trouble.

تاڪيدي جملا

نوٽ:- (1) ”really“ تاڪيدي جملن لاءِ استمعال ٿيندو آهي.


  1. مان سچ پچ ڪراچي ۾ آهيان
  2. اڄ واقعي گرمي آهي
  3. اهي ته مشڪل ۾ آهن

Formation - Assertive

I am an obedient son.
It is hot today.
You are villagers.

بناوت - بياني


  1. مان هڪ ايماندار پٽ آهيان.
  2. اڄ گرمي آهي.
  3. توهان ڳوٺاڻا آهيو.

Formation - Negative

I am not an obedient son.
It is not hot today.
You are not villagers.

بناوت - ناڪاري


  1. مان هڪ ايماندار پٽ نه آهيان.
  2. اڄ گرمي نه آهي.
  3. توهان ڳوٺاڻا نه آهيو.

Formation - Interrogative

Am I an obedient son?
Is It hot today
Are You villagers.

بناوت - سوالي


  1. ڇا مان هڪ ايماندار پٽ آهيان؟
  2. ڇا اڄ گرمي آهي؟
  3. ڇا توهان ڳوٺاڻا آهيو؟

Formation - Interrogative and Negative

Am I not an obedient son
Is It not hot today
Are You not villagers.

بناوت - ناڪاري ۽ سوالي


  1. ڇا مان هڪ ايماندار پٽ نه آهيان؟
  2. ڇا اڄ گرمي نه آهي؟
  3. ڇا توهان ڳوٺاڻا نه آهيو؟

Contractions - Affirmative

I'm an obedient son.
You're an obedient son.
He's an obedient son.

Contractions - Negative

I'm not an obedient son.
You aren't an obedient son.
He isn't an obedient son.

Contractions - Interrogative & Negative

Am I not an obedient son?
Aren't You an obedient son?
Isn't He an obedient son?

Model Sentences

He is veteran in film industry.
He is very kind man.
It is very interesting point.
There are many groups of students in class.
Class is full of clever students.
I am good at english.
Love is another name of trust.
Ali is in America for higher studies.
Punishment is good for you.
Sorrow and Joy is a part of Life.

مثالي جملا

  1. هي فلم انڊسٽري ۾ مشهورآهي.
  2. هي تمام رحم دل ماڻهون آهي.
  3. اها دلچسپ ڳاله آهي.
  4. ڪلاس ۾ ڪيترائي شاگردن جا گروپ آهن.
  5. ڪلاس هوشيار شاگردن جو ڀريل آهي.
  6. مان انگريزي ۾ سٺو آهيان.
  7. پياراعتبارجوٻيو نالو آهي.
  8. علي وڌيڪ پڙهائي لاءِ آمريڪا ۾ آهي.
  9. سزا توهان لاءِ سٺي آهي.
  10. ڏک ۽ سک زندگيءَ جو حصو آهي.

Exercise (1) Change into Negative

The world is cruel for poor people.
Politics is a game.
Our country is full of greenery.
Smart phones are very common now a day’s.
Books are good friends.
It is very delicious food.

Exercise (2) Change into Interrogative

Rules are for everyone.
Smiling is always good for health.
He is a great leader among all.
We all are good people.
She is a treacherous girl.
My Friend is not really convicted.


Word Mean معنيٰ
Express convey (a thought or feeling) in words بيان ڪرڻ
State the particular condition that someone or something is in at a specific time. حالت
Existence Specific presence; occurrence موجودگي
Mosque a Muslim place of worship that usually has a minaret مسجد
Trouble difficulty or problems مصيبت
Obedient complying or willing to comply with orders or requests; فرمانبردار
Veteran a person who has had long experience in a particular field. مشهور
Kind having or showing a friendly, generous, and considerate nature. رحم دل
Clever quick to understand, learn, and devise or apply ideas; هوشيار
Trust acceptance of the truth of a statement without evidence or investigation. اعتبار
Punishment the infliction or imposition of a penalty as retribution for an offense. سزا
Sorrow a feeling of deep distress caused by loss, disappointment غم، ڏک
Joy a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. سک، خوشي
Cruel barbarous: (of persons or their actions) able or disposed to inflict pain or suffering; ظالم
Greenery green foliage, growing plants, or vegetation. ساوڪ
Delicious highly pleasant to the taste.. مزيدار
Rules one of a set of explicit or understood regulations قانون
Treacherous guilty of or involving betrayal or deception. بيوفا
Convicted declare (someone) to be guilty of a criminal offense. ڏوهاري